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Window and Door Installations, Repairs, and More

Trust our professionals from Upstate Choice Contracting in Central New York, to keep your home in tip top shape. From window and door installations to home safety inspections, we're here to help.


Window and Door Replacement Process

We are proud to offer window and door installation services. We'll use spray foam on the perimeter around your windows and replace damaged framing. Then, we'll wrap the window exterior before we finish the inside trim work inside.

Siding Installation

We offer siding installation. We'll remove any additional or damaged sheeting before wrapping the house in Tyvek® or polystyrene material. We guarantee our workmanship for the first 12 months after a job. If there's a problem within the first year, we'll fix it for free. If we underquote you for a job, we won't add costs to the agreed-upon contract.

Comprehensive Home Assessments

We use state-of-the-art equipment to see if there's anything wrong with your house. A service like this is valued at $250, but we're proud to offer it to our customers for free when you hire us for a job. We check for things like:

• Insulation Levels
• Air Leak, and Structural Issues
• Knob and Tube Wearing

• Asbestos-Containing Vermiculite
• Carbon Monoxide Leaks
• Combustion Appliance Problems

• Proper Chimney Drafting
• Window, Door, and Roof Evaluations

24-Point Health and Safety Checks

This service is more detailed than the comprehensive home assessment. We'll make sure your home is healthy and safe. We'll check for issues, such as:

• Water Damage
• Rodent Droppings

• Dry Rot
• Structural Integrity

• Drafting Issues
• Chimney Evaluations

 HVAC Repairs and Maintenance
Our HVAC service includes a complete, 12-point check on any HVAC appliance. We guarantee a resolution to whatever problem you're having, and won't leave until the job is done. If you're having a problem with your heat, hot water, or air conditioning system, our team will correct it.